Capture it live,
keep it

Livesteam and capture all of your club and school sport, while using our apps to keep score.

Images of people, young and old, playing sport

Livestream your sport

Livestream your games to your school, club, or community so everyone’s family and friends can tune in from anywhere around the world.

Watch highlight replays

Captured automatically when scoring a game, so that after the game you can go to and effortlessly create highlights packages to share.

Share it as it happens

Share dynamic clips or content during a game, directly with your teams, players and fans, on your website & social media.

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How does it work?

Setup our MAR Livestream Kit, and score & control the stream from your phone.

You’ll receive our simple to setup MAR Livestream Kit, then just follow the instructions to plug it in, download the My Action Replay (MAR) scoring companion app, and start livestreaming your own sports games!

As you score the game the MAR Hub will automatically keep track of your highlights, so that after the game you can skip straight to that legendary pass, runout, or goal — and view a series of automatically generated highlight clips.

Equipment Provided:

Camera, Tripod, Battery (approx. 10-12 hours), 4G Dongle, MAR Livestreaming Hub, HDMI Cable and Carry Case.

MAR Livestream Kit and camera setup

Our Customers

Campbell's Proud DadBig thanks to the My Action Replay team! Campbell's grandparents and aunt in the U.S., and uncle in Sydney loved watching it. Credit to you for bringing families the chance to watch from afar.


Powered by 4G cellular networks. Each package is a three year contract with a one-off setup cost of USD$500.

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Starter Pack

Approx. 20 hours of streaming

$149.99*USD per month
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Professional Pack

Approx. 25 hours of streaming

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$179.99*USD per month
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Premium Pack

Approx. 50 hours of streaming

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$209.99*USD per month
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